Bored, Unfulfilled, Loosing Air?: Reasons Why?

What causes feeling bored with life, unfulfilled? We may have to force ourselves to show up to serve. What are the reasons? Got other reasons?

Job Trap: One hates his the job but needs the money. ( I personally did not know what I wanted to do with my life until after I got saved at age 31. I was just stumbling along. One needs God's peace before stepping out in faith, leaving a pay check behind).

Unsaved folks obviously are missing out on life's greatest adventure - New Life in Christ. In Acts the disciples had zeal. They got some scars but life was exciting. Many are AWOL today. Of course many are unfulfilled.

Some have drunk the dregs of wordly pleasures and it did not satisfy. Some teens have seen it all, done it all. Now they are bored and jaded. Some seek even more extreme thrills. Some go suicidal.

Wild, worldly music or whatever can so dull our spiritual appetites that quiet, peaceful godly music seems boring. The flesh can thus retrain our desires in other areas of course. Not only sinful pleasures but excessive good things - clean TV, golf, recreation etc, can slowly steal our godly zeal. Our private time with Jesus suffers, fades. We can become unfulfilled. The fleshly habits don't meet the deeper needs of the soul. The soul can slowly die - even as Christian workers are going through the motions of serving. The joy is gone.

Some big sin can steal our joy. Close fellowship with Jesus is now AWOL.

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