The Bible in 90 Days

From the website:

The Bible in 90 DaysTM is a non-denominational curriculum structured around a simple, straightforward mission for its participants: “To read, ATTENTIVELY, every word of the Bible in 90 days.”

When taking the course, each participant reads 12 pages a day in a specially selected Bible, then gathers with fellow participants once a week. The weekly class meetings provide insight, accountability, fellowship and encouragement. The length of the class may be either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the church or course leader.

A typical class meeting includes:

  • a review of the past week’s reading

  • a small group discussion

  • a videotaped or live lesson

  • and a preview of the coming week’s reading.

One unique feature of the curriculum is that it offers two full series of video lessons:

One series of lessons is led by Jack Modesett, a business man, Chairman of the Board of Christianity Today, and gifted communicator whose weekly Sunday school messages have been broadcast on radio for many years. Jack presents his insights in effective and entertaining ways that keep participants engaged in their daily reading.

The other series is led by John Walton, PHD and Mark Strauss, PHD. John teaches Old Testament at Wheaton Graduate School and College and is the author of several books on the Old Testament. Mark is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary in San Diego and a member of the Committee on Bible Translation, and has written or contributed to numerous books and articles on the New Testament.

The course can accommodate both small and large class sizes, and classes are typically facilitated by lay leaders. Past graduates range from 20-80+ years old.

The Bible in 90 Days can be used as a standalone program or as part of a core curriculum. Some churches find, for instance, that it is an excellent next step for many graduates of the Alpha Course. Other churches are using the program as a follow-up to 40 Days of Purpose. Churches are also excited about the foundation that the reading provides for the wide variety of Bible studies that are available.

Has anyone here ever used this program, or something similar? What did you like/not like/want to change about it?

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