Are Spiritual Gifts often neglected? Is this hindering believers and church work?

For years I have asked believers the Q, "what is your spiritual gift?" One friend told me it was "selling used cars." I have no doubt that many believers are uncertain about their particular gift(s). Is this necessary? What does it say about their pulpit and SS class teaching? We know that spiritual gifts are addressed at least 4 different places in NT. Paul was really into them. Why the big reluctance to teach on them?

Ever hear a pastor try to stir up more church workers, yet has not made certain his people understood their particular gift(s)? The logs in my wood stove recently were not burning very well. I simply shifted the position of just one or two of them. Flames roared to life.

In church members can drift along for decades. They may be ineffective, bored or drop out. I see this as evidence that their primary spiritual gift is not being utilized. I believe that there is a special joy when ministering our particular gift(s).

Should the leaders' only Q be: what needs to be done? Or also, who seems bored? Who could be used to better advantage? Who has not found his/her spiritual gift yet? Should the pastor really care about the sp. gifts of his sheep?

It can be so easy to ID one's gifts. I came across a one page sp. gifts questionaire in a magazine years ago. I have personally found it to be very accurate.

Getting folks interested in gifts though, can be like herding cats. Are spiritual gifts a neglected stepchild? If so, why?

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We may recognize spiritual gift in one, and we can then encourage them in it, but I don't believe we are to be occupied with our gift ---just do that which we feel exercised before God to do in His service. We all need to help the saints go on well, keep God's Word, and maintain God's testimony in the world.

We are told about gifts in Romans, 1 Corinthians, and in Ephesians, but that is for our understanding of the needs and God's purposes in the church and the world. Let us not try to itemize this, but just "be about my Father's business" as the Lord Jesus said.

- BobL