Adventures in Evangelism

I would love if everyone on this board were out witnessing in some way or method this weekend or sometime soon.[b] Here is a journal of my time out today to encourage you to do the same.[/b]

[b]The Good[/b]
Must have passed out several hundred tracts and Gospel of John's as the Million Dollar Bill Tract, and my gospels went out like hotcakes. A elderly man security Guard was interested in the gospel as well as a homeless man. Then later I ran into a man from a Charismatic Church whom was open air preaching and had a huge admiration for The Way of the Master and using the Law in evangelism. We spoke for about 20 minutes, encouraged one another as iron sharpens iron, and prayed for each other. Although we did not agree on the gifts of spirit, nor the Armianism vs. Calvinism debate, we both agreed that God had called us to be out witnessing to the lost in Denver. Then near the end of my stay I ran into a homeless lady, whom as hurting and looking for food. We chatted and I took her to Taco bell and bought her lunch. She admitted she had broken God's Law in the 10 commandments and so I gave her much grace and not LAW as she need that as Jesus gave grace to the humble, but gave LAW to the proud. 

[b]The Bad[/b]
Ran into a member of the Church of Scientology of Denver, another member of a TD Jakes church, and a very antagonistic agnostic lady that ripped my tract up to many pieces right in front of me and showed much evidence that she had been convicted by the 10 commandments and the Gospel which showed in her open hostile attitude towards me. 

[b]The Ugly[/b]
While I was having lunch a bunch of protesters were carrying signs and promoting some socialist agenda. I wanted to open air preach or confront them in someway, but their cause was political and not religious so God did not allow an opportunity for me to do that. Then when I started to open air preach a man cussed me out every other sentence and really had a hot mouth and a hate for gospel preachers. I simply rebuked him and said that it may be possible he may not be of the elect and those whom God had called to salvation and to him God is dead, the Bible is full of fairly tales and lies, and the church full of hypocrites. He simply was blinded by Satan and bound in his sin. I said my message was for all, but only the elect would hear it.

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