7 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Homeschool

In my experience, when parents are asking themselves about whether or not they should homeschool, they tend to focus on which curriculum they would use, or whether or not they think they can teach advanced math or science.

These are not the first questions one should ask. The mechanics of home education are really not all that difficult to navigate. There are enough homeschooling resources and options available that technically any family could homeschool. But home education success doesn't rise and fall on curriculum choices and learning styles.

http://www.justenoughblog.com/?p=2164]Tammy Takahashi of Just Enough and Nothing More has a blog post about the kinds of questions that she believes will help you decide whether or not you and your family are ready to consider home education.


1) Do I like my children and respect them as people?

2) Am I willing to be patient and tenacious while keeping a loving spirit?

3) Am I willing to learn and grow?

4) ... What is the real, deep, meaningful reason why we are so concerned with where our children get their education?

5) Can I handle the criticism and questioning?

6) How much baggage do I have from school?

7) How is my relationship with my spouse?

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