Is your church connecting people via Zoom or another app?

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Our church’s mission statement is summarized in three words….. reaching, connecting, deepening. As the COVID quarantine continues, the challenge is to stay connected. We are doing this by having everyone receive a phone call every other week from an elder, emails, and our weekly e-church service.

We are considering other options, like an interactive Bible study. We may eventually use zoom in the process, though we are not right now.

Does your church use something like this now?

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Is your church connecting people via Zoom or another app?

WE have an interactive study using zoom or some other video-conferencing app. Votes: 15
We are considering an interactive study or fellowship time using zoom. Votes: 1
No, we don’t use zoom (or similar app), but we have an interactive study on Facebook where people can write comments/questions. Votes: 0
Other Votes: 5

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We use Zoom in small groups for fellowship and prayer, but not for an interactive study. We have two “drive-in” services on Sunday, windows up. We watch the message and listen via the radio.

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