Would you belong to a Bible-believing, Bible teaching church somehow affiliated with the National Assoc. of Evangelicals?


People talk about primary and secondary separation in theory, but what we do is the best indicator as to what we actually believe.  I am not a "secondary separation" kind of guy, but I am strongly separatist at a primary level.  I have found out, however, that I am often more of a separatist in practice than some who profess "secondary separation."  So this question is mostly about assessing where SI participants are where the rubber meets the road.

Our assumption is that you generally agree with a church's approach and beliefs, but they either find themselves in a denomination affiliated with the NAE, or they may be unashamedly affiliated. 

By participate, I mean--at bare minimum-- attend regularly (or, if a leader, work with frequently).  

I have the term "might consider" because a situation might arise when another church is more separated, but perhaps not as Biblical or fervent for the Lord.  Thus, in weighing things out, is an NAE church even an option?



Yes, I might consider participating in the life of an NAE church without hesitation becasue of the NAE connection
17% (3 votes)
Yes, I might consider it, but only if the church itself were not NAE enthusiasts
11% (2 votes)
Yes, I might, but I probably shouldn't
0% (0 votes)
Unsure if that would even be an option
0% (0 votes)
Probably not
28% (5 votes)
Definitely not
44% (8 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 18
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