What is the main problem causing Gluten Intolerance and/or Celiac's Disease?

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For our church carry in dinners, we make laminated signs. For the coffee pots, one says, “Regular” another “Decaff.” We have “hot and spicy” “Sugar Free” and our newest, “Gluten Free.” It seems obvious to me that there is an ever-growing number of people who have gone gluten free because of severe digestive issues.

Not too long ago, doctors would label a number of conditions as psychosematic, “in your head.” Many of those conditions now have medical names and are no longer considered imagined.

So what is your opinion as to why we are seeing a growing number of people who believe they have gluten intolerance? Feel free to share anecdotes and personal observations!

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What is the main problem causing Gluten Intolerance and/or Celiac’s Disease?

The varieties of wheat we use Votes: 0
No real idea Votes: 7
Genetically modified grains and/or livestock eating those grains Votes: 1
Too clean: like the rise in asthma, children raised in sterile environments do not properly exercise their immune system Votes: 0
Other environmental factors mostly to blame (insecticides, pollution, etc.) Votes: 0
All of the above Votes: 1
Two or three of the above Votes: 4
Mostly a psychosomatic condition, not really caused by food Votes: 1
Mostly the modern stresses of life Votes: 0
Other Votes: 4

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Gluten Intolerance or celiac can be caused by illness. Lyme disease can cause the autoimmune response. Also there is a higher incidence of gluten intolerance among those with Down Syndrome.

L Strickler