Should a Pastor Look at Giving Records?

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with a pastor looking at broad giving records as in the are X units giving VVVV annually, Y units giving QQQ, and Z units giving WWW.

A pastor should not be seeing the individually identifiable records.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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Pastor's who don't think you should....

1. Is there something in your character that makes you think that you'll treat people better or worse based on how they give?  

2. Would you want someone who does not give to serve as an elder, deacon, Bible study leader or staff member?

3. Are there other areas of the Christian walk about which you WOULD be interested in knowing?  Church attendance, number of times they've been married/divorced, drinking, paying their bills, etc...?  Why is the one involving obeying the directive to tithe/give "off limits"?

4. By separating knowledge of giving as some sort of state secret, are we sending a message that pastors can't be trusted or that money is such a special and powerful tool that we should treat it differently than any other area of the Christian walk?

5. Could one be placing money on a pedestal (like an idol) by making ignorance of whether or not people are giving to the work of the Lord a requirement?

6. Do you trust others with that information (deacons, offering counters, bookkeepers, etc...) but you can't be trusted?

7. If someone or group of people are not giving anything to the Lord's work through the local church, should they not receive discipleship and instruction on why they should?

Just some questions to stir some conversation....