The James Comey firing: Minor kerfuffle or Constitutional crisis?

Minor kerfuffle
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Constitutional crisis
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Last night, we learned that the administration was so sloppy, that Trump’s decision leaked to the media before the letter firing Comey was delivered to the FBI; the director learned by watching television and initially thought it was a prank. What’s more, it seems clear that the Trump administration doesn’t have any particular replacement candidates in line. The administration looks amateurish, erratic and disorganized. 

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Trump may have done it clumsily, but here are ten reasons that Comey needed to go.   Sorry, but Comey should never made it long enough to give Hilliary her "get out of jail free" pass, and regarding that one, destruction of evidence and failure to convene a grand jury should have resulted in not only his firing, but also his indictment and disbarring.  I've worked a couple of defense related jobs, and I guarantee you no one not favored by the political establishment would have been treated like that.  He was clearly running interference for his boss' boss.