Is it wrong to decorate church for Christmas?

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See this article: “cultural celebrations are permissible observances for individual Christians, but they represent an unwarranted intrusion when they are introduced into the ministry and services of the local congregation … [eg festooning evergreens with lights and ornaments, fashioning garlands of tinsel and holly] … they are nowhere authorized by Christ or His apostles for inclusion in the leitourgia of the church … I enjoy all the bric-a-brac of tinsel and trees, logs and nogs, candles and candy canes. But I do not worship those things. I worship the incarnate Lord Jesus Christ. Worshipping Him must be set apart—sanctified—from those other enjoyments or it simply becomes profane.”

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Is it wrong to decorate church for Christmas?

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I voted no because I don’t think it’s a sin but I would prefer not to have it at my church. Not really a big deal either way. At the last church we were members of our pastor believes it was a sin to celebrate Christmas at all. There is a pretty wide spectrum of opinion when it comes to Christmas. My personal opinion is that it is uneccessary/distracting.