Does your church financially support a Christian camp?

Yes, our church has its own camp just for us!
12% (2 votes)
Yes, we contribute toward a camp that involves other churches.
29% (5 votes)
Yes, indirectly; some denominational/fellowship support contributes to a camp or camps
0% (0 votes)
Sort of; we encourage our people to patronize a certain camp
12% (2 votes)
No, but we suggest camps
18% (3 votes)
29% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 17
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Ed Vasicek's picture

I will be commuting daily to our church camp to teach in conjunction with about 5 other like churches.  We support a camp that is free to campers who meet certain requirements called Camp Emmanuel.


I have found the camp experience to be meaningful in the lives of youth, helping them make life-changing decisions, and have seen people even meet their future spouses at camp.


What about you?  Are you involved in a camp, or is your church?

"The Midrash Detective"

Michelle Shuman's picture

Our church supports two camps and sends our youth to the one closest to home.  We send at least one construction team a year to one out west in addition to the monthly support.

Michelle Shuman

Michelle Shuman's picture

And we send the deaf to yet another camp every summer.

Michelle Shuman

Lee's picture

If your church does not and this poll has you feeling guilty I can suggest a really good camp that would appreciate your support and use it well.  Smile


Susan R's picture


I am no longer supportive or part of youth camps. Been there, done that, burnt the T-shirt.

The church we are currently attending is sending kids to the Bill Rice Ranch this year. I think they usually use another camp, maybe Camp Peniel? Not sure.