Do you have health insurance?

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Health insurance, cost sharing, Medicare, Medicaid – what do you have?

Any recommendations for others?

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Do you have health insurance?

I have traditional insurance as part of a group plan or benefit. Votes: 7
I have no insurance and/or a medical account. Votes: 0
Other Votes: 0
I have self-pay traditional health insurance. Votes: 0
I belong to a cost sharing network. Votes: 1
I have Medicare plus a supplement. Votes: 1
I have Medicare plus a cost-sharing supplement. Votes: 0
I have Medicare alone. Votes: 0
I have Medicaid. Votes: 0
I am in a country that provides medical coverage (socialized or similar). Votes: 0
I have a state or government health care plan. Votes: 1

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I have Teamsters health insurance. It’s pretty decent insurance and I have used it a fair amount with various things with my kids.