Are You Making A New Year's Resolution This Year?

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New Year’s resolution — an old tradition some engage in and others not. What about you? Making a resolution this year? If so, what?

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Are You Making A New Year’s Resolution This Year?

No, I don’t (or no longer) do New Year’s resolutions. Votes: 14
Yes, as pertains to another areas of self-control/habit not mentioned. Votes: 0
Yes, to be more relaxed and take steps to be less stressed. Votes: 0
Other Votes: 0
Yes, to change my eating habits, diet, etc. Votes: 1
Yes, to exercise faithfully in some way. Votes: 0
Yes, diet and exercise. Votes: 1
Yes, as pertains to my prayer life. Votes: 0
Yes, as pertains to Bible reading, study, or devotions. Votes: 2
Yes, as pertains to time management/balance issues. Votes: 0
Yes, as pertains to sharing my faith. Votes: 0
Yes, as pertains to budgeting, money, spending, etc. Votes: 0

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