Why Are More Americans Abandoning Religion?

New study by Trinity College indicates more and more Americans identify with no religion at all. More at Dallas Morning News.


Interesting read.
Peculiar that in a lengthy article on religion the name of Jesus was not mentioned.
Could have been an editor’s choice I suppose. Still baffling.

As would have been expected, the college and post-college age have doubled since 1990. (actually all but 70+ age have just about doubled) Just curious what other churches are doing to retain this age group?

Just a thought.

1. In the period of the Hebrew Judges, there were many cycles of ungodliness, followed by repentance, followed by ungodliness, followed by… Is there some “formula” on how many years or gereations passed between cycles?

2. Jonah preached in Nineveh, and the city repented. Approximztely 100 years (how many generations?) later, Nahum preached “the Burden of Nineveh”, and the city did not repent.

Is this a national pattern? Those who are not living in faith, but respond to faith, respond strongly. As the generations pass, those who “inherit” their faith do not respond as strongly.

(*WARNING*WARNING* ANECDOTAL INFORMATION ALERT!!!) The church in which I serve now is filled with first generation Christians. It seems to be much more vibrant, and responsive to the Holy Spirit, than churches [in which I have also served] where the congregation is comprised of primarily second, third or fourth generation believers.

How many years or generations has it been since the last really, Holy Spirit breathed, God filled national revival in the USA?

I’m not saying there is a time/generational associated pattern. I’m not saying there isn’t. I’m just asking the question.