Holy Spirit apologetics

http://online.worldmag.com/2011/08/31/holy-spirit-apologetics/ "...explaining Christianity to those who do not accept its claims is an exercise in prayerfully requesting the presence of the Third Person of the Trinity."

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The interest in apologetics has surged in recent years, but I’m beginning to wonder if many Christians who engage skeptics, antagonists, and those who are apathetic about the claims of Christ see themselves, first and foremost, as a part of the means that God might use to persuade their friends about the Gospel.

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C. S. Lewis held out on professing belief for awhile because he wanted to come to God by rational means, yet he wrote when it happened that he could not explain it. He said when it occurred all he knew was that before the event he didn't believe but afterwards he did. Apologetics, IMHO, are more for believers seeking rational support for their faith than unbelievers being persuaded to believe. We only come to faith in Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit.