Rise of Evangelicals Changes Brazilian Fashion

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but my favorite line of the whole article...


Its best-selling below-the-knee denim skirts, the staple piece in most evangelical women's closets..."


It's a small world after all...


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...from a current missionary in Brazil.


1. Hooray for modesty!  This is a positive trend although...


2. ...it is a trend I do not see.  Brazil is a big place, and the report is from Rio.  Equating Rio with the rest of Brazil is tantamount to equating Miami with the entire US.  I am writing this shortly after a conversation with a Brazilian friend who was lamenting the degeneration of female apparel...particularly within the groups mentioned in the article.


3. One important point to note: the identification of Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism.  In this, the article is spot on, and this cannot be emphasized enough.  In the eyes of rank-and-file Brazilians, to be Evangelical is to be Pentecostal...so dominant are the charismatics here in Brazil.  Keep that in mind when you read articles about the "growing numbers of Evangelicals in Brazil."  

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