If you type in “Democratic Party,” your first search result is a site on Marxism

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Due to extremely high traffic, the search index is intermittantly [sic ] unavailable. We are working to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies.

They may want to hire an editor as well - "intermittently"

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I'd recommend that they route their "democratic party" search further back to the era of the French radicals. Marxism adds a chunk of economic confusion but not until long after the French philosophers had everyone confused about the nature of individuals in societies... (not to mention confusion about labor, education, the family, authority, war and lots of other topics).

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Moral Issues in the Political Arena - Faith Facts

#4 = myth portrayed the Republicans as communists

#5 = Should a Christian be a Republican or a Democrat? (and the answer says that Christians must support candidates who oppose abortion and homosexuality, but gives leeway on taxes, social security, universal healthcare, education funding, prescription drugs, etc.)

Colorado Springs ... that's where Focus On The Family is located, right?

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