What Matters Most: Functional Distinctives

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In principle & in general, I agree with most of his approach in this article. But it will be interesting to see how it gets fleshed out at Northland (if, in fact, there is more fleshing out to be done). I don't necessarily like the idea of limiting a statement of faith down to absolute bare minimums, though. Granted, it's good to think through what biblical bare minimums are, but I don't want to limit all of my particular beliefs to a functional document.

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He's not suggesting anything like retaining only the bare minimums or reducing all beliefs into a document. "Both of these doctrinal statements should include what is necessary, but not more than what is necessary." Necessary is the operative term. What is necessary and what is not will be different for schools, churches, parachurch organizations, and individual partnerships. 



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So the last article will either be more simplistic or general observations about distictives with few questions answered or Olson will lay out his narrative of why NIU's fictional distinctives are changing and what policy changes will reflect this.

I don't expect the latter seeing this third article was too elementary to expect a thorough climax.