"When the words serve the music, we gratify self. When the music serves the words, we glorify God."

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I'm not sure I agree w/the thesis or with Bonhoffer on this... Does the either-or really reflect the reality of the lyric-music relationship?

But the post raises interesting questions worth thinking about, and it certainly does seem that much of our present-day worship music is less word-centric.

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I would disagree with the argument presented, but I agree with the sentiment. 

We must absolutely be careful that our songs are not sung just because they please us.  That would corrupt worship and turn it into a similitude of what God wants with ourselves at the center.  Such worship cannot please God.

There is a role for emotion in worship - and I believe that even Edwards said that he was not afraid to afflict the emotions, so long as he did so with truth, which I agree with - but I think that Jen is right to be concerned that we do not develop the idea that emotionalism equals worship.  I agree with her that music should be very careful to communicate Scripture or Biblical Truth. 

BTW - "You Raise Me Up" is a great song.  Groban did a great job with it. Smile

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Jay wrote:
music should be very careful to communicate Scripture or Biblical Truth. 


By which you must mean lyrics.

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I used to like Groban's song, but as die hard Michigan Wolverine fan, I cannot stand it any more. Rich Rod in a last ditch effort to save his job as Michigan coach, played this song at a event meant to honor the Seniors.  Everyone there was wonder what in the world was going on.  Even Josh Groban tweeted making fun of Rich Rod for using his song in that context.  So every time I hear it I think of the miserable three years of Michigan football under Rich Rod!!  Go Blue!