Why Intelligent People Are Less Likely to Be Religious

“Intelligent people don’t simply reject religion because it’s wrong; they reject it because their social environments lead them to think it’s wrong.”

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How does one measure intelligence? By a piece of paper? I know plenty of people who never went to college, but who are more intelligent, skilled, and well rounded than a lot of college grads.

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This article presents a decent reply to studies that are frequently cited by Atheists (or rather Anti-Theists) in an effort to denigrate those of religious belief.

I have to say the fact that they used one of my favorite logical statements: "correlation does not make causality."

The fact that higher education has in many cases turned into a bastion of Liberal and anti-religious thought is self-evident. That such views are frequently forced upon students, through either the natural inclination to give extra credence to what instructors say or the influence of peer pressure, is also unavoidable.

The solution is to present more thought and more reasoning to believing children when they are younger. Instead of focusing on a system of "follow what I say because I say it" (which is very common), we should instead teach them to follow the truth because it is the truth and demonstrate that to them through reasoning.