"Staff and students here are required to spend at least 25 hours a week in the prayer room"

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In association with this story, I am sorry to report that my idea to rename our church the King's Faithful Church, or KFC, have utterly failed to get traction with the board of elders.

I still have some hope that a restaurant chain with the same initials our church has now will open soon.

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All kidding aside, IHOP performs a vital service for the Church. One wonders what would happen if our summer denominational conferences became prayer conferences. Yes, we need to hold plenary meetings, pass resolutions, amend our constitutions, and elect new officers. But in addition to these functions the delegates and denominational officials could be required to spend at least one hour praying together. One hour of prayer during a three-day conference is not too much to ask of an individual, is it? Wink