Sonic, Burger King Now Serving Hamburgers, Fries and Beer?

“That’s right, a new item that fast food chains are experimenting with, in a limited number of locations, is the selling of alcohol in some restaurants.”

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Well, fast food is probably worse for you than beer. Kind of a logical next step for a company that bases it's food on simply feeling good regardless of consequences.

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It would be interesting to collate the stats of how many deaths could be attributed to the abuse of fast food vs. the abuse of alcohol. I still would not want Big Macs to become a controlled substance, however, because if you inhale copious amounts of fast food, the only person you kill is yourself. Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, tends to directly and adversely affect others in a variety of ways, the most destructive being Death by Moron.

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Have we gone soft on preaching against specific sins like boozing? New beer joints now include many sit down restaurants. Understandably the fast foods want a piece of the action.

Billy Sunday is one of my heroes. I still preach against boozing, drugs. I call the message (Proverbs 23.29-35) "Boozing, Using and Losing." Let's get back to basics. Convict with specific sins - then catch them with Jesus.

Drugs are Lucifer's limo. Boozing is hell's front porch. God has not called me to be a beer hole, booze head.

Peace and joy