Gospel Singer Doug Oldham Dead at Age 79

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As a kid, I think Doug Oldham was the first "singer" I knew by name. Never was a fan, but I can still hear his rendition of "He Touched Me" in my head.

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I first became aquainted with Doug Oldham while watching a video tribute to John W. Peterson. After that, I began seeing his records in large quantities at thrift stores.

Just to think, Aaron, your posting would have meant absolutely nothing to me two years ago!

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Doug's passing is worth me pausing to offer a tribute. My parents were faithful viewers of "The Old-Time Gospel Hour" probably from its inception. I remember asking them why we would watch a Baptist program when we were Lutherans.
I can remember hearing Doug Oldham sing back in those days very vividly -- he made an impression on me because he looked a little bit like an uncle of mine.
His style of music is not particularly my own, but I am sure God used him in the lives of many people. May God bless His loved ones.

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When I was a little boy, I remember being deeply moved by a recording of Doug Oldham singing "Welcome Home Children." I also recall him singing "The King is Coming," "Thanks to Calvary," and "Through it All."

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Doug Oldham's dad was the radio preacher for the denomination I grew up in, the Church of God (Anderson, IN). Doug and his dad Dale Oldham came to our little church in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Dale Oldham preached and Doug sang. This would be before the contemporary music shift that changed church life forever. Doug had a beautiful voice. I always thought it was a bit weird for an amillennial CoG man to team up with dispensational Jerry Falwell, but maybe theology wasn't Doug Oldham's long suit.

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I saw him as a brand new believer when I was 17 years old. He sang to Wheaton College in 1974. A precious memory.

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