Street Preachers - "one of the ugliest facets of Comic-Con"

For Comic-Con’s street preachers, hate gets results

At Comic-Con, generally one of the friendliest geek love-fests around, the most visible face of Christianity will probably always be the ugliest

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So, my wife and I attended comic-con this year. I would have to say there were two types on the street. The ones holding the signs that were yellow and black and said 'Holy Bible' at the bottom were out there just holding the signs. If you talked with them, I bet they would probably carry on a civil conversation. As well, their signs were not over the top. They just had paraphrases of scripture on them. I think God could and will use those signs. After all, you see the same sign at least 8x, if not more. However, all the other ones were quite obnoxious, talking in their megaphones and holding signs that would not cause anyone to want to listen.

If you live in San Diego, I think there are much better ways to share your faith. For example, we couch surfed from Wednesday to Monday. The first couple we stayed with were Christians. Doing what they did would be an amazing opportunity to share the gospel. On the flip-side, couch surfing is an amazing opportunity to form non-Christian friendships and share the gospel. The second guy we stayed with was definitely not a Christian. However, we were able to openly talk to him about Church, etc. If we had more time, I think we could have shared the gospel.