In November, Baptists in Virginia will be dancing in the streets -- literally

“We’re asking everyone who plans to attend the [Baptist General Association of Virginia ] annual meeting to learn the dance and come prepared to participate in this unique and fun-filled experience

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I know I'd have a heart attack .. It's one giant aerobics workout :tired:

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I think this is foolishness. Sunshine and marshmallow religiosity.
Maybe I'm a spoil-sport, but flashmob parties does not seem in the least bit appropriate.

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I can't shuffle cards.
I can't dance.
I frequently can't understand the words to rock 'n' roll songs.
I can't let go of my worry if someone is drinking a beer in my presence (even if it's just one).

Here I am, with all of these disabilities from being raised Baptist, and NOW they're learning to dance...

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Is that what's called "Baptist guilt" ? .... :O Biggrin

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I should have saved those platform shoes and bell bottom pants! I can disco dance with the best of them (well at one time I could)!

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Sounds like fun to me! But as far as building up the Kingdom of God, I don't think it does much.

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