"The question is whether you would be willing to reduce a society to anarchy for the sake of saving that kid, when you (should) know that the anarchy you introduce is going to be responsible for the deaths of far more children than you managed to save."

Doug Wilson on the appropriate responce to abortion

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this really is an interesting piece. i am struck by his anarchy logic--i think it is a correct view. I have struggled myself on how much legally (or should i say illegally) one is able to do in order to intercede and try to attain justice for the unborn. I have never been able to logical-ize myself from Scripture into lawbreaking on their behalf--killing the innocent babies has been practiced since ancient history and i can't find priciples that we are to correct or act on behalf of an unrighteous government. However, i know christians who do come to this conclusion. The man who shot the doctor-- will God hold him accountable for the murder? Yes. Will God reward him for defending the innocent? I don't know. . . . maybe?

I don't, however, agree with Wilson's conclusion.

first he talks about the god of this world. i don't think you can say the devil is less the god of this world now than he was before the cross. i think God gives him a certain limited authority, and i'm not sure what exactly Wilson is referring to that Jesus is now the God of this world in a way that He wasn't before the cross.

Also, he lays all the blame on the "pulpits" of America.


We want to collectively blame pastors for this state of affairs? This is simplistic. Are pastors more culpable for sins perpetuated in society than anyone else is culpable? I think there is something skewed in this logic.

thanks for the piece. that is really intriguing to read and ponder!