"Wallenda 'repeatedly thanked Jesus during the walk'"

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Nik's "Jesus talk" just doesn't give me the warm fuzzies. Is something wrong w/me?

(We're not supposed to judge what anybody does for a living, I guess... or maybe it was his "commanding" the rope to be still in the name of Jesus...)

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I don't know how God-honoring it is to say goodbye to your wife and children to walk across a stupid wire without a safety harness, and possibly fall to your death.


Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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but the Wallendas have been in the circus business for some 200 years.  So, Mr. Wallenda was just carrying on the firm's business.  I watched a replay of the last half.  He did seem to me to be a tad too name it and claim it for my tastes (YMMV).

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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At least Nik praising the name of Jesus on TV is better than all the cursing that is currently on there!


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Always think it's interesting to hear about Wallenda's.


YEARS ago - probably late '40's .. my Mom went to Central Bible Institute .. which became Central Bible College in Springfield, Mo.  It was (maybe is) Assembly of God .. She went to school with some Wallendas ..  Not sure if Assembly of God is this fellow's background or not ..


I do know I've seen a couple interviews with him leading up to this latest walk and his faith seems genuinely incorporated into his life.

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Wallenda was a guest on today's "The Herd With Colin Cowherd" on ESPN Radio.  He did not give the gospel message on the air, but was very clear that he was a believer and that he was able to perform these kinds of feats with the assurance that if he died, he would be with God.  So a little bit to be thankful for, I think.  You can download the podcast in a little while via the ESPN Radio app on your mobile device or at PodCenter.

He also mentioned that he'd started doing this at the age of 2, so he's been around it a long time and seen both friends and family paralyzed or worse when stunts went awry.

As an aside - if I were doing what he did, you'd better believe I would be praising the Lord for every safe and successful step on the walk across.  I make no promises about what I'd say if I fell off, though. Smile

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