The Day that Everything in the SBC Changed?

Interesting takes on developments in the SBC from Downshore Drift and Internet Monk



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The SBC always talks alot and promises alot, but there are way too many baptist in one room to get any thing done. I have seen letters signed, votes taken, and resolutions passed. And the SBC seems to get worst every year. I don't get excited until I see something happen. (that will take years) The time is short! To short to be caught up in all this "Romeish" battle planing to see who gets all the power. Praise God! He called me out of all that mess!

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It seems to me, based on a cursory reading of the blogs, that there are a considerable amount of parallels to the FBF and SBC associations and the turmoil that is going on within them, with the exception that the SBC is probably transitioning out while the FBFI and Fundamentalism in general are still working everything out.

Is there another resource somewhere that can provide a broader context to what's going on? I feel like I've only got about 1/3 of the actual story...maybe I need to download the messages to find out.

"Our task today is to tell people — who no longer know what sin longer see themselves as sinners, and no longer have room for these categories — that Christ died for sins of which they do not think they’re guilty." - David Wells

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and the mood was upbeat concerning the GCR, especially after the vote. It's refreshing to see the focus redirected towards reaching the lost and away from the in-fighting that has apparently gone on in the past. This was the first time I've attended an annual meeting, and I'm a fairly new Southern Baptist, but I liked what I heard from the leaders. Men like Danny Akin, Johnny Hunt, Al Mohler, etc., seem to be concentrating on the right issues, such as carrying out the Lord's great commission and strengthening the church. There was also acknowledgment from the pulpit that the older leaders need to listen to the younger guys and involve them in the decisions. The people I talked to seem to think doing that will move us away from politics and "protecting the brand" and move us towards more focus on spreading the gospel.
My pastor is first vice president of the SBC, so when I see him again I'll ask him what he thought of the proceedings and our direction.