Chuck Phelps New Pastor At Colonial Hills Baptist of Indianapolis

Phelps announced this at the Minnesota Baptist Association Annual Meeting today, where he was the Keynote Preacher. He recieved 96% of the vote from CHBC.

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I am happy for the Phelps family and the church there in Indy. They seem to be a good match for each other, and I pray that this will be to the glory of God and a profitable time of ministry for all concerned.

Greg Linscott
Marshall, MN

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Is there going to be any updates from the conference? I think that there would be some interest in hearing Dr. Phelps viewpoint on "Calvinism" as he has been very vocal on the subject lately.
Also, the MBA is in an interesting position with PBBC now closed. Any thoughts on what is going on would also be of interest.

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It was a one-day event this year. I didn't stay for the whole day- I missed the PM session. The Association business went smoothly. Julian Suarez did not seek to continue as president, so Gerald Stephens (pronounced "steffens") of Community Baptist in New Prague was elected.

Phelps avoided overt controversy on Calvinism. He did make reference to "Reformation religion" and infant baptism instead of Calvinism, but it wasn't a major point. I'm sure there were things he said that some in the room disagreed with, but there was nothing of any enduring consequence I can recall. He did a commendable job of encouraging pastors to renew their fervency from Revelation 2, in my assessment.

Regarding Pills, not a great deal to say. The campus is being sold, and Pillsbury has ceased academic operations- which does mean that the MBA retains the prerogative of resuming education under the Pillsbury name at some point future should they so desire (not that there are any immediate plans to do so). I think the men on the board have done a commendable job in doing what they could given the circumstances.

Greg Linscott
Marshall, MN

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I have read both Dr. Phelps' statement and the MBBC Board Statement, and I am still "in the dark" about why Dr. Phelps left. Does anyone have any certain knowledge of why he left Maranatha, or why he was asked to leave?? Thanks.

Serving the Savior, Pastor Wes Helfenbein 2 Cor. 5:17