SBC Elects GA Church Planter as President

“In a surprise move, Southern Baptists said no to two well-known presidential candidates and elected a church planter from Marietta, Ga., to lead them in the coming year.” More

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Are there any SBC insiders who can tell us what this means? What did the electors likely intend by this choice? What is the context?

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I haven't been following the convention this year, but a quick look at the [URL= website[/URL ] of the church Wright pastors indicates that he became senior pastor there in 1981. He completed his MDiv in 1980 and the church appears to have been founded in 1980 or 1981. So he may have planted the church, but that was a long time ago. I'd have been surprised if someone currently planting a church was elected since the primary function of the President of the SBC appears to be traveling around and preaching at other SBC churches. Hardly something most church plants could sustain.