Solid Rock Church Jesus Monument Struck by Lightning

“Earlier this morning and late Monday night, motorists were stopped along the highway and along Union Road in Monroe to watch the 62-foot King of Kings statue burn.” Dayton Daily News

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The statue is also referred to as "Big Butter Jesus" and "the Kenny Rogers Jesus". It's just down the road from where I live, and believe me- if those folks have a lick of sense, they won't rebuild it.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [URL= has offered to rebuild the King of Kings statue[/URL ] destroyed by fire last week at Solid Rock Church.

PETA proposes a statue depicting Jesus holding a lamb with the inscribed message: “Blessed Are the Merciful. Go Vegan” to replace the 62-foot statue that was struck by lightning and destroyed June 14.

Truth is always stranger than fiction.

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wait? jesus holding a lamb? hello peta? the paschal lamb was for eating!

i guess it's better than their usual tactic of demeaning women.