Five Words That Could Save the Church

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Yeah, because the cause of truth is always helped by saying "but I could be wrong" at the end.

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Thanks for this news. I was not aware the church needed saving.

Donn R Arms

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The kernel of truth in it is that, as Jim pointed out, there are lots of places where that attitude would really be helpful.
Maybe 1Cor.4:6 is of some help?

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I can't speak for everyone (see what I did there?), but I'm sure there are a LOT of people in our IFB churches (to speak nothing of sinners everywhere) who would do well to heed this advice.

I try to take what I read at face value. I think the author handled it just fine when he wrote

It would be disingenuous if we attached these words to the end of every sentence. We all have spiritual and moral convictions we believe are non-negotiable, but can’t the humility associated with those five words define the tone of our dialog?

If we can't be certain, let's be willing to acknowledge it and seek fellowship in spite of it. Instead, we tend to default towards staunchly standing our ground even over some relatively tiny issues.

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Aside from the Great Non-negotiables of the faith, "but I could be wrong" is a more interesting attitude, anyway. I mean, that sort of curiosity about what others have to say makes for a lot of good reading and conversation. It's got to be really boring to think you have everything already figured out.

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I think the author mostly clarified his statement-

Who knows, if spoken with a true spirit of humility, something close to civility might break out and confused onlookers might believe Christian leaders are different than the shrill ideologues they see on cable news every night.

It's a call for graciousness in public discourse, not an abdication of strongly held beliefs.

And I don't think I'm wrong about that! Biggrin

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Often times we who carry the banner for truth and boldly proclaim the "truth" begin to think that every opinion we may have is the "truth". So often today I see the bitter discourse between those who profess to know the truth and yet have no discernible meekness and reverence in their speech. This attitude is no respecter of position held. A gracious tongue that speaks the truth in love and humility will bring honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.