Northland announces partnership with ACSI

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I currently serve on the board of an ACSI Christian school that does this.  Students pay an additional fee for a college level high school course and they receive accredited college credits for it through Davis College.  By doing this, a student can earn enough college credits to wipe off a year of college for a fraction of the cost. 


From what I have observed so far, in this day of increasing economic challenges, this is a refreshing approach that can help a lot of young people.  The colleges also can benefit financially from this.

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I am Head of School of a Christian school that is a member and hold accreditation credentials with both the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and AACS (American Association of Christian Schools).  There are good people associated with both organizations.  ACSI is by far the larger of the two organizations, even though AACS is very well represented in the Midwest and Southeast.  Both emphasize different things but both are valuable.  

AACS and its state affiliates usually do well with their fine arts competitions and athletic tournaments as well as great representation in Washington, D.C.  

ACSI and its regional affiliates usually do well in their teacher conventions (even though they just did away with them in favor of online webinars), other teacher training, and school marketing and technology.