"[T]he popularity of these stories raises another question: Why doesn’t the church talk about heaven anymore?"

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Too long blog for me.  But this drives me nuts.  How can "the church" talk about anything?  I am tired of Christians noting what the kind of churchES they hang around are or are not doing and then labeling their deficiencies as the deficiencies of "the church."  How does this guy know what we are talking about here?


Churches that feature expository preaching equally from both testaments (and all types of books --Torah, historical, prophetic, poetic, didactic, and apocalyptic) teach EVERYTHING.  Give me a break.   

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The sentence that jumped out at me is,

Most seminaries don’t teach courses on heaven.

No, but they don't have courses on hell either. The writer of this article seems to have a extreme lack of understanding of theology (i.e. where, as Christians does our theology come from?) and how people get trained in theology.

Luke 17:10