How Far is Too Far?

The author is correct, but this is nothing new. Even the book itself is nothing new. This has been what has been taught at FBBC for at least the 5 years I’ve been here in the Family class taught to freshman. (Not that they listen all that well.) There is oneish corrections that should be made, the third man/woman relationship should not be called a “neighbor” relationship, and their should be a fourth relationship. The third relationship should be known as the “brother/sister” in Christ relationship. He even alludes to it further on, but biblically any relationship with any other Christian is considered a brother in Christ or a sister in Christ, and we should treat them as a brother or sister, just as it was described, but brother/sister is the actual biblical term and fits the practical application of that much better. The fourth relationship should be seen as the unequally yoked relationship. Or the relationship between the opposite gender who is unsaved. We should not be entering into any type of relationship with such individuals and we should treat them as lost individuals in need of the Gospel.