Mike Huckabee: no run for the whitehouse in 2012

Huckabee’s decision totally reshapes the race.”
Huckabee video: it’s a spiritual decision… inner peace… heart says no

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Personally, I'm relieved. Anybody who makes decisions based in what their heart tells them, "inner peace" and the like is not not well suited for the presidency.

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I'm also relieved.

Sadly, there's not a decent candidate in sight.

"Despair does not lie in being weary of suffering, but in being weary of joy."
G.K. Chesterton

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Trump has backed out also. Again, relieved. I don't want a president who has ever been part of any reality TV show (which scratches Sarah P. as well, though even before that she was too populist, IMO).

There are several who I think would be very positive for the country: Ryan, Mitch Daniels maybe. Rubio. Scott Walker has impressed me. I could see Christie as a VP. Romney has some strengths (he would at least bring a good bit of maturity and dignity to the office and though his healthcare solution stunk, he at least knows how money and economies work, generally)

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I was glad Trump dropped out as well. I heard Christians voice they would vote for him. IMO, i don't see how when we were (rightfully) hard on Clinton. Trump may have a show people like, but he is not suited for the office.

Roger Carlson, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church

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I think the frustration with trends in Washington--especially mounting debt, unemployment, etc.--has more people than ever interested in "something completely different." So the mystique of the outsider is really appealing right now and ppl are willing to take chances on almost anybody who is likely to bring a different way of thinking to the problems we're facing.
I don't blame them, really. Have some of that in my blood, too.
The flipside, though, is that governing really is a vocation that involves special skills. Not just anybody who's bold and innovative can do it. You have to be able to win alot of people over to your ideas, know how to--yes, compromise, take the heat for compromising without losing sight of your goals or alienating your supporters, etc.
It's really a fine art.
And this is not the case because our "system is broken," but because it is not broken. (The broken part may well prove to be the electorate!)

So what we need is the rarest of birds... a leader with courage, wisdom, political savvy and the right principles.
Makes you long for the Rod from the stem of Jesse, doesn't it? (Is.11.1-2)

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I am personally saddened that Huck is getting out, although I can't blame him and really don't think he would have gotten the nomination. Had he gotten it, though, I think he could have been a formidable candidate.
Huck has some weaknesses -- politically, theologically and as a candidate. But who do we want? Anyone the national media hates as much as they hate him must have something going for him.
Romney is a hard lefty. If he is the Republican nominee, it will really matter very little who wins.
But I do rather suspect that this election has more to do, in God's plan, with setting the stage for future events than it does with us finding the next Thomas Jefferson. Not that I would not vote for him if he happened along Wink

Church Ministries Representative for the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

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I think the groundswell of support for Trump came from his air of in-your-face honesty, the feeling that he doesn't have anything to lose, so he'd, in a sense, have more courage and consistency than career politicians. I'm glad he's out of the running, because now there is more oxygen in the room for other candidates, but I hope they take some cues from the elements of Trump's approach that resonated with the folks.

My support for Huckabee was pretty much limited to the fact that he supports the Fair Tax. I think he's a good man from what I've seen and read, and I think he had a much better shot at winning this time around, but I'm hoping for some new blood in this race.

I'm not at all happy with the idea of a Romney nomination. I'm also thinking Walker or Rubio with Christie as VP. And I like Herman Cain alot.

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Right away he's touting the tired old cliche about candidates who promise one thing then bow to the "special interests."
This is a red flag for me because he either
1) Doesn't know what "special interests" really are
2) Doesn't know that nobody's been elected in more than a century without "special interest" support of some sort
3) Knows this and is just trying to talk a good talk.

National Right to Life is a special interest. National Rifle Association is a special interest. The Chamber of Commerce is a special interest. On it goes. I sincerely hope that we elect a leader who does follow the will of "the special interests"... just the right ones.

So, personally, I'd find it so refreshing if a candidate would say: "Hey, can we all quite yakking this nonsense about fighting the special interests? It's just a lot of hypocrisy. We all have our groups we care about because we have our ideas we care about. So let's just embrace our special interests and get on with explaining our ideas."

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Sorry I mentioned the Judge, please forgive me.

After all we certainly wouldn't want someone in political office who uses cli·chés.

How about a little hope and change, for your no new taxes.

Yep he's most definitely disqualified, not enough style to go with his substance.

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My understanding is that Cain changed his mind about TARP after he got more information about how the funds would be used. Since I listen to Neal Boortz, especially when Herman Cain is going to be the guest host, I feel like I've been listening to him talk about his beliefs for years. He hasn't said or done anything that I know of that would give me serious pause about voting for him.

I don't have a problem with considering electability in the voting equation. If the goal is to get the best person available into the position, and keep the worst out, then electability has to be considered.

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Huckabee has never set well with me. He seems cheesy, fake, a grin-and-a-handshake...plus I think his show on Fox News stinks!

Serving the Savior, Pastor Wes Helfenbein 2 Cor. 5:17