"Both of these conferences—on the surface and in their rhetoric—speak the 'unity language.'"

CT’s Brett McCracken Compares T4G and Wheaton’s Theology Conference with N. T. Wright. Wrightians and the Neo-Reformed: ‘All One in Christ Jesus’

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"But there is a fundamental difference between the approaches of each group to unity. At T4G, which this year had the theme "The (Unadjusted) Gospel," unity often means keeping the heresies out. To be unified is to fight "together for the gospel" against the inroads, questions, and reexaminations that some Christians are undertaking. Speakers at the Wheaton conference at times had points of real disagreement with Wright (though they were all clearly on board with his main points and themes). T4G, by contrast, was more like a club patting each other on the back for their mutual buttressing of the "unadjusted gospel" against threats from various corners."

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