"Consider four areas where the imprint of Gnosticism can be felt within the Calvinist tradition."

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The fixation on achieving precision in the minutia of theology has oriented Calvinists to a rationalism which has tended to mitigate, not only against a sense of mystery and wonder, but against the more tangible expressions of piety with which nearly all pre-Calvinist traditions were infused.

The author raises some good points. I have stated that modern Calvinism of the Piper, Mohler, MacArthur variety has indeed created an elitist mentality among many of the followers. How many times have we read or heard of the life changing or enlightenment brought about by discovering the so called "Doctrines of Grace." Some true (moderate) Calvinists have had to distance themselves from this Neo Calvinism being promoted today. It is elitist, militant, and highly speculative. It is influenced by the Puritan branch of Calvinism. Biblicist Christians have endured seeing the endless debates on the Ordo Salutas and such other know it all speculative elitism. Those who embrace the mystery and wonder of the true "Doctrines of Grace" rest in the enlightenment and joy brought by salvation and union with Christ.

Anyone want to start the next thread on "Does Regeneration precede Faith? Perhaps your whole Christian well being depends on the answer.

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There used to be a fellow on SI named Bob Topartzer, who I admire very much, and he posted this in one of the forums back around 2007/2008

It is also the new mystery religion. One is not fully spiritual or informed unless they are inducted into the mysteries of Calvinism.
One of my thesis is that one is not a 5 point Calvinist by just reading the Bible. They must read other men's writings and be inducted into the "mysteries" of the system.
If they find those mysteries appealing it then often becomes the new capstone of all their Christianity and spiritual activity.

He went on to elaborate later

In place of the simplicity of the salvation gift, 5 point Calvinism erects the philosophical construct of an ordo salutis. A construct that presumes upon the nature of a truly eternal and all knowing God. This is one of the "mysteries" of Calvinism.

Sounds like what you just said Bob ;0)

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Oh look, a rehashing of the 16th and 17th century Roman polemic against Calvinists. By the way, Bob, most of this author's points encompass Baptists as well.

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Bob T. wrote:
Biblicist Christians have endured seeing the endless debates on the Ordo Salutas and such other know it all speculative elitism.

I wonder what an appropriate response to one who says he is the true Biblicist and calls those he disagrees with "know it all speculative [elitists ]" would be?