"This thing can be stopped dead eight months from now -- but only by newly minted congressmen who have promised to stop it dead. Ask your congressman, and ask your candidates, if they would vote to provide no funds for this."

Doug Wilson reflects on national debt, political parties and the recent healthcare bill.


We want the new bridge funded 90% with federal funds, the college aid and grants, etc etc etc.

The problem is not with the democrats. The problem is that there is no need of a balanced budget. States have to balance budgets. local municipalities, our churches, and homes. But not the federal government. It’s just spend spend spend and pass it off to another generation.

Based on the best available information, the next few elections look like this:

2010: Reps pick up about 30 in House and 7 in Senate. Dems retain control of both houses, but with thin margins.
2012: Obama almost a lock to win reelection (Since 1900, only once - Carter - has a party failed to hold the presidency for at least two consecutive terms after taking over from the other party); Reps likely to take control of Senate; Dems likely to hold very thin margin in House.
2014: Reps likely to retain control of Senate and gain control of House.

Of course, all kinds of real wold events will take place in the meantime. But this is what I heard last week from a top political analyst and from two former Senators (one Rep, one Dem).