$500 will be given to 2 lucky souls who attend Lindenwald Baptist on April 24.

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With all due respect to what I am sure are some very Godly people in this church and to the pastors who -- by at least some of the schools they are associated with, frankly, ought to know better -- this, to put it bluntly, makes me want to throw up. :Sp

When I remember my experiences in the Lutheran church where I grew up, attending services and ushering on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (afternoon and evening) and Easter (sunrise and morning worship), I can still sense an indescribable feeling of sorrow and awe mixed with joy. I will go back to confessional Lutheranism before I will be part of this type of absurdity.

(For a different perspective of the importance of Easter, listen to David Jeremiah's broadcast from today, http://www.davidjeremiah.org/site/radio_archives.aspx ]March 22 . Pick it up at 18:23.)

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