ABWE dumps G.R.A.C.E.: ABWE board members and executives discovered that G.R.A.C.E.’s investigative process was “fatally flawed”

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Discussion is on hold on this one for a bit. More info soon (hopefully).

Worth noting...

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Smart move by Aaron to hold off on the discussion. The response by GRACE tells quite a different story, but so much of a different story that I would have to wait for a rebuttal from ABWE before commenting further as GRACE raised several issues that were not addressed in ABWE's initial complaint.

Grace left a few holes in their defense, and I am going to wait to see how ABWE responds before I point them out. But I believe that ABWE gots some splainin ta do.

Dr James Ach

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A couple things to note:

GRACE is a non-profit organization.  They were only weeks from disclosing their findings after investigating over a year.  Their findings were to be disclosed publicly.

If you take a look on the ABWE website, you can read very positive reports regarding the efforts of GRACE until the recent post where they fired GRACE.

My understanding is PII is not a non-profit and their findings will not be public.



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Best I can tell, it will be up to ABWE to publish or not publish PII's findings. After all of this, I have to think it would hitting the self-destruct button to not obtain and publish some kind of public report (that is, assuming the button hasn't really already been hit).

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Back in 2011 when ABWE let Loftis go the letter put out by Ron Berrus made NO connection between Loftis' firing and the Ketchum matter.  Now on their website they say they let Loftis go because he knew about the Ketchum matter for 9 years (2002-2011) without saying anything to the board.  As far as I am concerned the letter by Berrus in 2011 intended to obfuscate the issues regarding Loftis, in other words, the letter was at best a half lie.