"Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick are superb football players—that's all."

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If Galli is right, that athletes are never role models then


1) something is strange about the human psyche, because humans keep making athletes into role models.


2) is anyone at all a role model? Because athletes who are seen by so many people are not supposed to function as role models, is anyone seen by someone else ever supposed to be a role model?


I think instead that the truth is, that athletes who identify themselves as Christians, yet constantly use four-letter-words are in need of repentance rather than redefinition. Otherwise, aren't cursing athletes giving the public a new definition of Christian and different than that found in the New Testament?

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1. Where was/is the equivocation, circumspection and reticence over embracing athletes as Christian role models during the Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin frenzies last year? 

2. Comparing Colin Kaepernik's cursing to Ray Lewis' fathering 6 illegitimate children and his role in covering up a double murder was totally out of proportion and out of line. Furthermore, his taking issue with Kaepernik's choice of Psalms (choosing to present himself as a strong assertive alpha male warrior instead of Ned Flanders) and calling his resentment at not getting major scholarship offers "pride" made it look like a hatchet job by someone with a personal vendetta against Kaepernik. It really did remind me of the notorious much-criticized article against the QB from a secular publication. 

Instead of wondering what type of Christians these athletes are, Galli should worry about the type of Christian he is, or if he is even one at all. 

Solo Christo, Soli Deo Gloria, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Scriptura