"One reason Baptists have not always been noted in revival history ... is that Baptists typically did not write the history books"

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William Buell Sprague, a Presbyterian Pastor in Albany, published a great work called "Lectures On Revivals of Religion" and he included an important letter from Baptist leader, Dr. Francis Wayland on this issue.

In 1838, there was a great revival in our city that began in the Baptist Church under the leadership of Baptist Elder Jacob Knapp.  When the Baptist church could not contain the people, the First Presbyterian Church open their doors and this revival impacted many people.

My guess is that there is a good amount of information in American Baptist records on Baptist revivals and it is a shame that most of their churches are apostate in their positions today.

If I recall correctly, Cummins devotional "This Day In Baptist History" provides a lot of great resources for the subject of Baptists and revival.



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The essay in this book concerning "Dealing with the hopefully converted" is great!

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