Bill Maher Questions Obama's Christianity: "I Just Don't Believe It"

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Had leading evangelicals and fundamentalists been as willing to challenge and examine the beliefs - and true record and background - of George W. Bush (and Ronald Reagan for that matter) as they have been for this Barack Hussein Obama, then the grand delusion and great deception of the religious right wouldn't have been nearly so successful.

To head off any irrelevant rejoinders, yes, I know that the atheist Bill Maher is not an evangelical. However, he is speaking of Obama's religion only because it is an issue, and it is only an issue because "Judeo-Christian values" religious right types made it so.

And not just Bush and Reagan. I am not picking on them, only pointing them out because of their embrace by the religious right, including not a few eminent preachers and theologians. The truth is that many - possibly most - of America's presidents have been deists, freemasons, skeptics, theological liberals or simply unobservant. (For instance, how many of our presidents have publicly affirmed believing in the literal deity, virgin birth, atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Name them.) That makes the questions concerning Obama's religion ridiculous at best and a disconcerting double standard at worst.

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Bill Maher's broadcasts are not funny. maybe he is just not a happy guy, i don't know. most of these commentators and pundits will say most anything as long as it can't be proved wrong.

the Religious Right is a study worth looking at. even though i lived during the time of its inception and hayday, i pretty much ignored it.

Francis Schaeffer's son has a book out which purports to expose it from an insider at the time. he claims his father's work was misinterpreted and used for the Right's purposes.

however, G.W. Bush's stock was raised in my eyes by a snippet from Schroeder's (ex-German Chancellor) book. during the book's release they publicized that Bush confided to Schroeder his faith. Schroeder meant the bit to ridicule Bush, to me it gave an appreciation of the president, at least for his stand.

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In answer to JobK,

The following were very orthodox in their belief. Some of them gave very clear testimony to their salvation:

Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Regan, George W. Bush. They would have affirmed all the points you mentioned. Those are the ones I know for certain. They did not publicly affirm the points of orthodox Christian faith from their office, because that was not the place to do it. In their churches, however, they did.

Jeff Brown