Gallup: Trust in Clergy Members Has Dropped Dramatically

"A 2018 Gallup survey shows Americans' trust in clergy members has dropped to its lowest in statistical history. The poll specialist discovered a meager 37 percent among a total of 1,025 respondents had a 'high' or 'very high' opinion of clergy members’ ethical and honesty standards. " - WRNews

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Interesting that the article cites the support of conservative evangelicals for Donald Trump and the GOP as a significant factor in the decline but ignores the fact that main line church leaders have carried water for the Dems for generations.

As far as the opinion of the ethical standards or clergy goes, I'm not sure that 37% isn't too high. I know there are many good men serving in churches across this country, but there are also huge numbers of wolves, and they tend to get a lot more press than those who labor for decades without a scandal.

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I suspect that this results are similar to the ones we see after each election.  Everyone gripes about their political leadership and surveys show that they are held in low regard, but each election cycle sees 90% of them returned to office.  The interpretation is that the public hates politicians in general, but they are good with the ones that they elect.  Conclusion: People don't trust clergy in general, but they like their particular one.