Americans Are Drinking Themselves to Death at Record Rates

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...would be if the data were broken out between two categories; fatalities among those who engaged in binge drinking or were alcoholics vs. those that were not.  The very phrase "drinking themselves to death" gives us the picture of someone emptying that fifth of bourbon each day or so, and hence it's really primarily appropriate to describe things in those terms.  My nickel bet is that almost all fatalities are among the top 10% or so of drinkers--really the problem drinkers and alcoholics.  

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Ten times more Americans are dying from obesity each year according to the NIH.

The simplest and most often used measure of abdominal obesity is waist size. Guidelines generally define abdominal obesity in women as a waist size 35 inches or higher, and in men as a waist size of 40 inches or higher. BTW, that measurement is at your belly button it is not your pant size.


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