Has A&E Awakened a Sleeping Giant?

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A&E's marketing team is going to win an award for this. At least they should. Although, Cracker Barrel may have them beaten.

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I watched Season 1 of Duck Dynasty -- and it is the most scripted "reality" TV show I have ever watched.  Every event is a set-up.  Every comment expected (if not rehearsed).  People, places and things on the Robertson property are all just props -- straight men (sorry) for the marketing folks at A&E.  Brilliant.

I would say "bravo" -- but I think that's another network.

Phil Robertson's comments do absolutely nothing to hurt the Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander brand, because Phil was echoing the views of the Duck Dynasty target audience.  That audience is still there; and it's not a stretch to say that their audience has now grown to include people like me, who a month ago, couldn't have cared less about Duck Dynasty or the Robertsons.

But they suckered me in.  Yes - I listened to their Christmas album...  Duck the Halls...

Even Cracker Barrel was fooled.  Wasn't until someone at Cracker Barrel (racist name, by the way) figured out what A&E was up to...  And, in another brilliant move, decided to reverse themselves, "listening" to their beloved conservative-Christian, Southern customers, thus creating more exposure for themselves and growing and endearing their base.

Another brilliant move.

Marketing, advertising -- promoting and growing your brand.  That's what this is all about.

Leaving, A&E, Cracker Barrel, Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander & the Robertson clan all happy, happy, happy (that's not trademarked yet, is it?) ...

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The Duck Dynasty brand is owned by A&E. People wanting to show their support are buying Duck Dynasty merchandise right and left off of the shelves, and in doing so are lining the pockets of A&E. The Duck Commander brand, however, is owned by the family. Buy their wine if you want to support the family Wink