Three Reasons Why Christians & Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God

"There are various issues in this debate that Christians should carefully consider and on which we may legitimately differ. But whether or not Christians and Muslims worship the same God is not one of them." Rick Phillips

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Rick Phillips: "On one extreme was the purported statement by Liberty University President Jerry Fallwell, Jr. that Christians should carry guns so as to kill Muslims."

I don't think that is what Jerry Falwell, Jr. said; wish he had gotten that right before putting it out there. 

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You're right, Jonathan.  Falwell's statement has been misquoted even within church circles (and here on SI).  What he said was that Liberty University, unlike so many other campuses (and other locations), allows and even encourages those for whom it is legal to carry weapons on campus.  His specific application was that "those Muslims" who attacked the location in San Bernardino would have been killed if they had tried the same thing at LU.