Boz Tchividjian Leaving GRACE and Liberty to Prosecute Full Time

"Basyle Tchividjian (Boz Tchividjian as he is more commonly known), a professor and founder of the organization GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment), is leaving the organization he founded and his position as a professor at the Liberty University School of Law. With this move, Tchvidjian intends to devote the majority of his time to representing victims of abuse as a litigator." - Church Leaders

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I can't quite figure out whether Boz can do more good at Liberty, generating whole classes of law students who can take what he's learned to heart, or whether he'll do better in private practice, likely mentoring 1-2 young lawyers to carry on what he's been doing.  Tough call.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I think many of us struggle with what God wants us to do at times, or where we are to do it. Sometimes it is not about measuring where you can do the most good, but where you are motivated and most content -- especially in the long term.  As the old saying goes, a need is not necessarily a call. 

God often works through our desires.  Pastors who leave one place of ministry for another, for example, struggle with this.  When do you know?  How do you know?

Liberty will certainly miss him.

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